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What to expect from the Hamilton Harcourts Team

What to expect from the Hamilton Harcourts Rentals Team

We provide a Full Management service for you and your property

Let the professionals maximise the return on your investment while you sit back and take care of what’s important. Our fee of 8.5% +GST on rent collected and maintenance organised is all inclusive we do not charge anything extra for our services. 

For our fee you will receive:


  • We come and photograph your property and a Harcourts “To Rent” sign will be placed on your property if appropriate.
  • We list your property  online on both the popular industry website www.realestate.co.nz our Harcourts website and our own www.hamiltonrentals.co.nz site. It is published on our “To Let” list and in our shop front window. 
  • Your property manager will contact you regularly with updates on how the process is going and suggestions if your property isn’t renting.

Tenant selection process 

  • We show your property as many times as is necessary to secure the right tenant.
  • We run comprehensive checks on any applicants including checking all references, tenancy history and debt collection agencies.

Tenancy agreements and bond lodgement

  • We sign up your tenant collect all money and lodge the bond with the department of building and housing.

Initial Inspection 

  • When we take over a property we do a comprehensive initial condition report which goes into every detail of the property. Along with this we take a number of photos to keep on file.
  • When we have your new tenant all signed up and paid we meet them at the property to do the handover with them. At this point we take them through the initial condition report and get them to sign off on it as the condition they accept the property in. Experience has taught us this is the best way to avoid any disputes at the end of tenancy.

Routine Inspections 

  • We do our first inspection 1 month into the tenancy to check everything is going alright for the tenant and they are looking after the place. 
  • We then inspect the property every 3 months throughout the tenancy and you will receive a written report each time.

Final Inspection

  • At the end of tenancy we do the final bond inspection with the tenant present to arrange the bond refund. Any changes to the initial condition of the property (except normal wear and tear) will be taken from the bond as long as it falls within our rights under the Act.


  • We will notify you of any maintenance we note is needed on your property to make sure it is kept in top condition. We have great discounts from our tradespeople which we are able to pass onto you and you have the peace of mind the job will be done to a high standard.


  • We have a fully automated management software system and we enter our banking each working day. 
  • We check the rent every working day and if your tenant hasn’t paid they will be contacted by the property manager.  
  • If no arrangement to pay is made then a 14 day notice (as is required under the RTA) is issued and a tribunal application is made.


  • If for some reason things don’t work out with your tenant we attend tribunal on your behalf at no extra cost. Our property managers are all up to date with the current laws and ready to represent you.

Trust Account

  • All rent is collected into a commercial trust account which is independently audited so your money is always safe.

Owner Payments 

  • We pay our owners either monthly or bi-monthly depending on your preference, these payments are on the 1st and 15th of the month or next working day. 
  • You will receive a statement once a month on the 1st (or next working day) and a year end summary at the end of the financial year. 
  • Payments are made minus disbursements into you allocated account. 

Casual Letting Service 

  • If you wish to manage your own property but don’t want the hassle of finding a tenant we offer a tenant finding service for you. Our fee of 1 week rent + GST includes advertising, tenant selection and checks and signing the documentation. 
  • We arrange it all for you then hand it over for you to manage

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